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New Horizons Community Church [NHCC] is associated with the Church of God in Anderson, IN.  We consider ourselves a non-denominational church where people can start over and connect with Jesus and others in a new way. We strive to be a church that isn’t something you DO on Sundays, but BEING the church outside our walls, in our communities, seeking to make a difference in people’s lives and our communities.

Our mission at New Horizons Community Church is helping people find their way back to God.

At NHCC, everything we do focuses on 4 things:

Navigating Life Together – We Celebrate Life and face the storms of life together. We do this through worshipping together, connecting to a Life Group, praying together and experiencing life events together.

Honoring God through worship and service to others – Loving God and loving others by helping people find their way back to God.

Calling people to follow Christ – As people find their way back to God, we walk alongside one another thru Life Groups and fellowship and intentional friendship to learn and grow In Christ.

Contributing to God’s Kingdom through our talents, time and resources – We join God in the work He is doing by giving our time, talents and treasure to God’s work in this church and in this world.

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