Pastor Jerry Lyon – Lead Pastor

Pastor Jerry & Debb have been serving in Jackson @ New Horizons Church since December, 2005. They pastored in the Pacific Northwest, Southern California, and Pennsylvania, before coming to Michigan. They have two amazing adult sons. Pastor Jerry is a fan of “good” coffee, enjoys conversations that challenge and broaden his thinking, plays a little guitar, and loves to see people start living new lives in Christ. Through teaching and preaching, mentoring and discipling, laughing and loving, Pastor Jerry & Debb have been, “Helping people find their way back to God,” as a core of their ministry. What a joy it’s been for them to see that happen for so many! They have great hopes of many more being added to the Kingdom of God as they continue to simply model being, real people with changed lives!

Pastor Doug Bilby – Associate Pastor

Pastor Doug Bilby and his wife Wendy have teen boys at home and four grown children. As the Associate Pastor, his passion is to get people to think outside the walls. He believes a Christian’s responsibility is to get out of their comfort zone and help people find their way back to God by: serving others, loving everyone, and teaching people about God’s forgiveness.

At NHCC, we do this by finding ways to give. Giving away sweet corn; passing out personal care products; providing Christmas gifts to the children of those incarcerated through Angel Tree; Sending gifts around the world through Operation Christmas Child; Teaching kids about Jesus through a week-long Summer Vacation Bible School. You are welcome to join us in looking for ways to spread the love of Jesus.

Pastor Dave McClintic – Associate Pastor

Pastor Dave is a retired pastor and has served in many congregations across Southern, Michigan including Buchanan, Pulaski and Albion. Pastor Dave enjoys getting to know people and helping them continue their journey with God or helping them find their way back to God.

Pastor Dave and his wife Terry lead a Photo Club that meets every other Thursday at New Horizons Church. Each of them enjoy photography and center a lot of vacations and outings around picturesque places to see and capture.

Pastor Dave is an experienced counselor and has a heart for those struggling in their relationships with God and others.

Pastor Dave is an avid Michigan State fan. You may see him sporting his Green and White on those winning MSU weekends.